Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kitty City

Have you ever walked by the new Grand Park late at night when nothing in particular is going on? Well if you haven't, try it. Take a stroll one night on say a Tuesday. On the corners of Spring and Broadway at First Street if you are quiet and patient. Stop and look around, you will notice many little eyes peeking up at you from under the shrubs. This... is Kitty City. A disheveled plot of land that used to be the grounds of an office building some decades ago. It's gated off and closed to the public, however it is home to dozens of feral cats. So, next time you are out for a stroll, remember to watch for the eyes that are watching you. 
Inside this abandoned concrete structure is a cat community quietly plotting to take over DTLA.

Under the grass mounds late at night, be still and quiet... if you can wait... you will see cute little ears popping up to see what is going on. Or to hunt, remember they are feral. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

My favorite breakfast spot

I have been obsessed with this new spot for breakfast. The Parish! I think I go about 3-4 mornings a week for biscuits and coffee or a pot of tea. My boyfriend and I are lucky to live just a couple blocks away. We can’t seem to stay away! It’s the cutest, quaintest spot to enjoy a small breakfast and watch the passerby. Huge windows that split you from the grime of both Spring and Main Street. Parish is sandwiched right in the intersection of the two streets. Which makes the seating area below small and narrow. About 5-6 tables that seat 2-3 people each. There is an outdoor patio that can seat much more which is great on a warm sunny day. My favorite biscuit is the cheddar eggs, avocado and bacon on the side. Like a true picky eater from California, bacon goes on the side. I’ve tried the others, but this one truly is the best! Served always with a pot of English breakfast. Of course, if you want coffee, they serve Handsome! One of my favorite roasters on the west coast! (more about them later)Now, I have gone for lunch, dinner and just for drinks and haven’t been disappointed. It really is a must try in dtla. 

The Parish
840 S. Spring street
Los Angeles, ca. 90014

p.s. I am lost without my 
kate spade pocket size organizer!

The city I now call home: DTLA

As always my daily walk around the neighborhood (I just moved into) is always a treat. And when I say treat, I don't mean for your tongue, though that can happen here, too. No, I am talking about the treat of the eye. DTLA is transforming itself from a downtrodden scary place into a diamond in the rough. Every week something new is developing. 5 years ago I would never have dragged my friends to an eatery or clothing store, let alone coffee shop in dtla. No way! Now, as a newbie to the neighborhood, I can't think of another cooler place to be!

I met a man in his 70's while my boyfriend and I were eating at Colori's. (more for that later, great mama's Italian) Sitting by himself we struck up a conversation. He tells us that he, like me, just recently moved to dtla and has a goal to live a life car free in La! Ha! Now, most people would laugh at this notion since owning a car in La is a must. Well, I (and he) can now say, Los Angeles is not! One can now get around and live the city life WITH the perfect weather to boot. It's all about DTLA! 

I am writing a blog about my findings, my adventures, my surprises and my scares in this beautiful, ugly, stinky, creative city called downtown Los Angeles.